Together as One (Oculus VR for Good)

Immersive Media

Together As One

A choreographed dance video mixing live action capture with animation

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Directed by Jessica Kantor
Oculus VR For Good
Featuring Infinite Flow, an Inclusive Dance Company

The journey of inclusion featuring a company of mixed abled dancers. Starting with the imagination of a young boy and girl who sit alone in a theatre watching a pair of dancers. Seeing something they’ve never experienced and dreaming that they, one day, could emulate what they are witnessing. The children’s imagination comes to life thru animation and dance to the stage. Landing in rehearsal the lights come up and the two dancers meet. It’s awkward and they struggle. Being part of this world isn’t one that exists without hard work and struggle. As they get more comfortable and begin attempting harder lifts, we transition into performance. We’re on stage as the company dance their hearts out together. The performance ends in explosive applaud and the community they’ve inspired join us on stage with the two young kids front and center. They dance together as we fade to black.

The motion graphics and animation bring to life the emotional inner life of the dancers weaving the story together and ensuring the viewer is part of every moment. An original musical composition by Tim Fain along with a spatial mix of the sounds of dancing (breath, swishing of costumes, etc..) will put the viewer inside the performance.