Oceanus(/oʊˈsiːənəs/; Greek: Ὠκεανός Ōkeanós, pronounced [ɔːkeanós]), also known as Ogenus (Ogenos, Ωγηνος) or Ogen (Ωγην), was a divine figure in classical antiquity, believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans to be the divine personification of the sea, an enormous river encircling the world.

Oceanus is a physical experiential installation to connect humanity to part of its life blood: the ocean. The oceans are essential to human existence yet most of humanity are hurting the oceans on a daily basis. With the Environmental Protection Agency under attack by President Elect Trump and his administration it is important to show our declining climate in tangible applications. You can deny that climate change is happening but you cannot deny over fishing, and pollution. By having the ocean respond to human movement the installation will allow each participant to feel their connection to our natural ecosystem and hopefully inspire them to protect our powerful oceans. 

Sound by One Thousand Birds