Be Water My Friend, The Teachings of Bruce Lee



Do you ever wonder how Bruce Lee developed the philosophy behind his most iconic quote?

This incredible interactive exhibit invites viewers to step into the mind, body, and spirit of Bruce Lee to see how his unquenchable pursuit of knowledge informed his philosophy and life. Follow Bruce’s path beginning with his revelations on water, through the wealth of knowledge found in his 2,800-book personal library, to his philosophy on self-understanding and self-expression.

The exhibition’s interactive technology interweaves beautiful imagery with Bruce’s personal objects and books to bring his journey to life.


Producer Jessica Kantor brought together the award-winning creative and interaction design team.

Creative Direction is led by the immersive duo Lola Tango Eve Weston and Jessica Kantor — who is best known for their work in immersive media.  Art Direction by Nicole McDonald, known for her stunning visuals and interaction design, had her most recent work premiere at the Venice Biennale. The illustration was created by Andy McDonald and Graphic Effects by Jeremy Albucher.  The interactive component is built by lead engineer Leo Brown, interactive projection expert Chris Beran, and computer vision expert Charles Tuttle using RealSense depth-sensing cameras and Touch Designer. Leo, Charles, and Chris work together at the premiere interactive art experience, Meow Wolf.

Currently on display in Seattle