Jessica Kantor is a Los Angeles based Writer, Director & Producer

Jessica Kantor grew up in New York City and currently resides in Santa Monica, CA. Jessica is highly sought after for her work in virtual and augmented reality, having developed a unique perspective of place, movement, and world-building she now brings to traditional filmmaking. Jessica is a writer-director-producer specializing in grounded Sci-fi.

Her work has premiered at Film Festivals all over the world. Most recently, TOGETHER AS ONE made for Oculus as part of their VR for Good Program premiered can be seen on the Oculus store. Jessica wrote a chapter on immersive storytelling for the publication, RESEARCH ON THE GLOBAL IMPACTS AND ROLES OF IMMERSIVE MEDIA, the first academic textbook on Virtual and Augmented Reality. Jessica recently launched The Look Club where she co-hosts monthly conversations about immersive storytelling.

Contact Jessica Kantor: jesskantor[at]

Manager:  Stephan Dubreuil